Speed-Agility-Power Training

Whether you're training for strength, endurance, or a combination of both (football, soccer, volleyball, or any other sport) the benefit of adding speed, agility and power drills to your fitness routine can take your game to the next level.  All athletes can benefit from improved balance, quicker feet, and a faster reaction time, and this is exactly what Speed, Agility, and Power (SAP) drills help you achieve!

Speed-Generally refers to the speed of which you're able to move your arms and legs, in a way that allows you to move as fast as possible in a straight line. This is often referred to as linear speed.  If you notice you have difficulty keeping up with or breaking away from your teammates and competitors, you will likely benefit from adding speed drills.

Agility-While speed refers to moving in a straight line, agility is the ability to change direction quickly and effectively.  If you struggle moving side-to-side, or find yourself off balance a lot, agility training will help improve your performance.

Power-While speed and agility rely on a combination of core and lower-body strength, power and quickness refers to your body's reflective reactions.  Power measures your instant and rapid responses, and drills to improve these abilities that usually only last several seconds.  If you have trouble getting your body into position quickly or lack explosiveness in your first few steps, adding power drills to increase your reaction time will help you be a stronger, quicker athlete. 

Price- $20.00 per hour



The Cosmic Center

12008 W Hwy US 60

Olive Hill, KY 41164


2020 Cosmic Athletic Center



Little  Dippers- Tiny Novice

Sun Beams- Level 1

Total Eclipse- Level 2

Super Novas- Level 3

Shining Stars- Cheer Abilities



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