Let's Do Soccer!

Cosmic Soccer Tuition and Class Offerings


Prices for Soccer Classes

Basic: $40/month

1 Class per week

Premium: $60/month

1 Class per week, 2 agility or specialist classes


Elite: $80/month

1 Class per week, 2 agility classes, 1 specialist class


Discounts for students:

  1. In two or more classes

  2. Two or more siblings or family members

Age groups will follow the US Youth Soccer Player Development Model

Ages 4-6 (Me and my ball).

Focus will be on keeping the ball at their feet and seeing the field. Within this, due to child development technical repetitions will be key to increase balance and coordination.


Ages 7-8 (Me and my partner)

Passing and movement of ball on the field as well as field vision will be developed within this age group. Students will work to increase agility, communication, and ball handling between 2 to 3 people.


Ages 9-11 (The Start of Us)

Attack and defense will be incorporated into this age group as well as the tactical aspects of play. Ball handling and passing will continue to be a focus, but with greater application to the game.


Ages 12-14 (Us)

At this level, players will be focused on their ability to control the ball and their spacing on the field. Understanding how to make a good touch and move into open space. Defense will begin to be a major player in this aspect with knowledge of body positioning being a key factor.


Ages 15+ (Us)

Individual ball handling ability will be evaluated at this age level, knowledge of the game as well as the ability to move through space will be the main focus.


Position and Agility Classes

  • Goalkeeper

  • Endurance training

  • Core training

  • Agility for soccer training

 Fall Class Schedule


5-6 PM  (Ages 15+)

6-7 PM  (Ages 7-8)



10-11 AM  (Ages 9-11)

11-12 PM (Ages 12-14)

12-1PM (Goalkeeper class)