Cosmic All-Star Cheer
  • What exactly is All-Star Cheerleading?


  • All-Star cheerleading is a sports activity that combines elements of tumbling, dance, stunting, and traditional cheerleading skills such as jumps and arm motions.

  • How are the teams configured?


  • Teams consist of athletes performing fast paced, exciting, and professionally choreographed 2½ minute routines set to music.

  • Teams are set up by age-group and skill.  For a general rule of thumb:


  • Tiny Level teams consist of ages 3-6 years old.​

  • Mini Level teams consist of ages 5-8 years old.

  • Youth Level teams consist of ages 5-11 years old.

  • Junior Level teams consist of members 8-15 years old.

  • Senior Level teams consist of ages 12-18 years old.

  • Senior Worlds Division teams consist of ages 13-18 years old. 


  • Teams compete at 6 difficulty levels ranging from level 1 for beginners, up to level 6 for athletes with advanced skills. Our training goal is to help kids progress through all  levels in a save and confident manner.  It is normal and recommended for athletes to do more than one year on a level to be successful and well rounded.

  • How often do you practice and compete?

  • All-Star teams compete against other All-Star gyms from across the region and the between November and April each year, with most teams attending between 4 and 7 competitions.

  • Team schedules can vary. Travel teams practice 2 days a week for an average of 2 hours each practice.  Practices will include two weekdays and  possible Sunday afternoons.   The season runs from tryouts in July until the last competition in April and/or May.  

  • Is Cheerleading considered a sport? What will they learn?

  • All-Star is also a co-ed activity and is great for boys as well as girls. Some teams compete exclusively in co-ed divisions and some in all-girl divisions.  

  • All-Star teams are great for developing healthy nutrition, flexibility, coordination, time management, self confidence and self esteem as well as developing positive life skills, personal values, sportsmanship and teamwork.

  • What level is my child? ​

  • When being evaluated for a team, the question that you need to ask is…. has my child  “truly mastered” the level?  Is my child at the high end of that level, therefore being able to fully participate in every aspect of a routine?  Yes, there will be exceptions, such as a “monster” back spot that is needed for a higher level stunt to go up…. or a small elite flyer that is needed for an elite stunt… but those are few and far between. Has your child mastered the level?  Can they do the hardest stunt?  Can they be center dancer?  Can they be front row of  jumps?  Can they be last tumbling pass? Are they physically AND more so mentally ready to move up?  

  • LEVEL 1

  • Prep level 1 Athletes are beginning the back walkover.  They need to be cleaned up a little, but can easily kick over and have mastered the round off, cartwheel, and bridge kick over.   Prep Level 1 is a great entry level.  Most ELITE level 1 athletes are working back handsprings without a spot… they have beautiful back walkovers, front walkovers, they could be the first pass or the last pass. Self discipline has improved and they can now concentrate on perfecting their jumps, but can be 100% a successful part of a level 1, 2 1/2 minute routine including all stunting! 


  • LEVEL 2

  • A level 2 ELITE athlete is now working tucks… as they have “mastered” the standing BHS and the round off BHS series with great execution.  They can incorporate all level 1 skills into their level 2 combinations with ease.  They are fully a part of the routine and even have their moments to shine. The stunting gets harder here so it is imperative that tumbling technique is not a issue.  At this level, more time will be used to progress into elite stunting than tumbling.  The athlete should be able to focus on a face paced routine and stunting without any issues on the back handspring. 


  • LEVEL 3

  • A level 3 ELITE athlete many times is working layouts and standing tucks without spots.  They have mastered not just the round-off backhandspring tuck, but beautiful standing series BHS, a punch front and an aerial should be mastered as well.  Jumps to BHS and elite level 2 stunting progressions are a must here.  They should be mentally ready for an ELITE level 3 routine.  The routine will be fast pace and difficult.  Stunting will be above the head and require much more strength and flexibility.  The mental aspect of the coaching is raised even more, and the athlete should have great self discipline.  This is one of the largest jumps in the levels with both tumbling and stunting.


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