Hip Hop Dance and Galaxy Dance Team

Galaxy Dance Team welcomes all children ages 4-18 to come be a part of a hip-hop dance team! Classes will run from late-January to mid-May and will observe Christmas break and summer break similar to the school year calendar. There will also be an end of the year showcase in May to allow the parents to see the progress of their children’s dancing! This class will allow your child to learn more about technique, rhythm, style, crowd appeal, and hip hop! Contact Coach Callie with any questions! 


If your child is interested in taking private lessons to learn more about any style of dance (turns, leaps, technique, dance team prep, etc.), contact Coach Callie for more information!


Below are some rules for dance classes to help make everyone’s experiences as positive as possible! 


Dance Class Etiquette 

  • Wear appropriate dance attire and shoes to class that adheres to the dress code 

  • Be respectful to other team members inside and outside the gym

  • Listen to your coach when she is teaching or helping others

  • Come to class on time and weekly, you must inform the coach if you will not be in attendance 

  • Practice at home so you are prepared in class! 

  • Keep your cell phone in your bag at all times unless there is an emergency situation 

  • Love yourself and love dance! Come to class ready to listen and learn!

  • COVID Regulations- Masks and social distancing will be enforced at all times


Dress Code 

  • Exercise or aerobic attire is permitted for class. A dance bag is recommended to avoid losing any shoes or personal items. No jeans or constricting types of clothing that hinder dancing are allowed.


  • Shoes- Appropriate shoes must be worn. Athletic shoes are appropriate for hip-hop class. Another style of hip-hop sneaker may be incorporated for our showcase; be prepared to purchase a hip-hop sneaker at coach’s request.