Cosmic Basketball


Cosmic Fusion is our new AAU Travel Basketball Team.  This is a year long commitment and requires athletes that are serious about the game and want to take it to the next level.  Fusion athletes will travel on weekends and be responsible for transportation to and from games.  Athletes will be required to purchase a game uniform, warm-ups, duffle bag and hoodie for travel.  Fusion athletes are members of CAC and are required to pay $20.00 per month for use of the facility for all practices.  This team is for ages 13-18.  All athletes have the ability to fundraise for tournaments but in the event that a player does not, he will be responsible for all tournament fees.  Tournament fees will be equally divided among players on the team and will be due before departure of every tournament.

Cosmic Fusion Athletes represent Cosmic Athletic Center and are expected to uphold themselves to the highest standards of an athlete.  

Our gym motto for all athletes is, "Remember who you are and what you stand for"!


Welcome to Cosmic Hoops! Here your child will not only learn the game of basketball, but also develop important game and life skills. In a fun, safe environment, our coaching staff will focus on techniques, fitness and psychology of the game at various age levels. All age groups for basketball lessons will meet once per week.

At Cosmic Hoops, your child will learn about teamwork, fair play and the rules of the game while developing motor and individual skills. Every week, our coaching staff will have a class plan with a major focus designed specifically for each age group. Specifically, our coaching staff will focus on areas such as shooting form, dribbling and ball handling, lay-ups, passing, rebounding, defense and footwork. Like our other lessons, our basketball coaching methods emphasize patience, creativity, enthusiasm, a youthful outlook and most importantly, fun!


Cosmic Basketball Leagues are a great way to get your athletes involved in a sport while still having fun at the same time!  League play is for ages 4-15.  Teams will practice one day per week and have games on the weekends for an 8 week session.  The cost for Basketball is $40.00.  Players will be responsible for purchasing a $10.00 game T-shirt and a pair of black gym shorts if they do not already have a team uniform.


Contact: Joseph Dylan Cantrell