Cosmic Fusion  AAU Basketball


WelcoNme to Cosmic Hoops! Here your child will not only learn the game of basketball, but also develop important game and life skills. In a fun, safe environment, our coaching staff will focus on techniques, fitness and psychology of the game at various age levels. All age groups for basketball lessons will meet once per week.

At Cosmic Hoops, your child will learn about teamwork, fair play and the rules of the game while developing motor and individual skills. Every week, our coaching staff will have a class plan with a major focus designed specifically for each age group. Specifically, our coaching staff will focus on areas such as shooting form, dribbling and ball handling, lay-ups, passing, rebounding, defense and footwork. Like our other lessons, our basketball coaching methods emphasize patience, creativity, enthusiasm, a youthful outlook and most importantly, fun!

Our Cosmic Hoops facility is located on the newly renovated section of The Cosmic Center Join us anytime so your child can learn about the game of basketball in a fun, safe environment.



The Cosmic Center

12008 W Hwy US 60

Olive Hill, KY 41164


2020 Cosmic Athletic Center



Little  Dippers- Tiny Novice

Sun Beams- Level 1

Total Eclipse- Level 2

Super Novas- Level 3

Shining Stars- Cheer Abilities



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